Your Personalized Office Planning Timeline
Keeps You On Schedule And In Control

Already have your Goal-Setter Checklist? Great! Then you already know what needs to be done. Now you just need a personalized timeline to put your plan into action!

Your 5 Phase Personalized Timeline is a concise project management tool to be used with your Checklist. Just answer a few questions, and it will be customized specifically for you, based on the date you’ve set for opening your business.

The design & build professionals at CrossFields have watched many, many practitioners open offices. Some went smoothly. Some, frankly, did not. What’s the most overwhelming mistake we’ve seen? Doctors do not understand the process, and the time required.


“I’m just busting through my checklist right now, it’s so awesome. I have written in my planner, ‘Okay you need to go back to the checklist on this date’. And it’s just quick. I mean, you gave me what I need.” – Morgan Sheridan, DC, Denver

So get started. Stay on track. And watch step by step as your vision turns into a comfortable and stylish office and treatment space. Can’t wait for opening day!

Here’s what your Timeline will look like

Get it all done without getting overwhelmed

That’s the whole purpose of your Personalized Timeline. During the entire 12-month process, how else would you know what to do next, or when it needs to start to avoid interfering with a later task?

The Personalized Timeline helps you avoid unexpected glitches and inefficiencies, which make the entire process more stressful, confusing and time-consuming. That’s not what you need.

“The Gantt charts are great to visualize the time allotted for each phase of the process, which helps me to understand where my energies and resources will best be directed as I move through the Timeline.” – John Stenberg, Chiropractic Student, Atlanta

Doing it right means spending less time and money

Specific tasks include everything from financials and marketing, to location and leasing, to permits and construction. Yes, there’s a lot to be done, and it’s understandable that you might not know exactly where to begin.

People who proceed without a comprehensive schedule can learn from their mistakes. But mistakes can be costly. Wouldn’t it be smarter to know what you need up front?

“It tells me all the steps that I need to know, in the order that would make life efficient. It’s just so organized. It’s like a recipe. That’s what I’m most impressed with.” – Morgan Sheridan, DC, Denver

your Personalized timeline is valued at over $500 - but sold now for just $297

It’s a small investment for protecting the much larger investment you’re making with your new office. Click to answer a few questions, and we’ll get started on creating your healthcare office planning Personalized Timeline. You will receive it via email in 5 business Days.

Let’s do this!