Cross Fields Design

Planning Your Office

We have gathered our most vital information below to assist you in the planning of your office.
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5 Phase Timeline for Your New Office

To help our clients be successful, we have developed a 5 phase timeline for creating and opening a new office.


Establish How Much Space You Need

When starting your search for a new chiropractic or healthcare office location or considering expanding, before you begin, you need to know accurately how much square footage you need. Learn about typical sizes for your next office space.


Determining The Best Flow For Your Ideal Office

After you’ve defined the rooms you want in your new health and wellness office, you need to determine the typical and most efficient flow through the space. Learn how a designer’s Bubble Diagram is used to develop the best layout.

5 Phase Timeline Checklist

To make the process of opening or renovating your office more manageable, CrossFields has developed a 5 PHASE TIMELINE CHECKLIST to get you from your “Vision” to “Open for Business”.


Sample Floor Plans

Need inspiration? View some Office Floor Plans that we have created for our clients.