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“We had a lot of remodeling work to do at the Life University campus when I was President. With CrossFields, it was always about ‘What is your vision; what are you trying to communicate?’ You were able to bring Life University to LIFE. After seeing what you did at Life, there was no question we were going to go in CrossFields’ direction for the Chiropractic Lifestyle Studio.

“We knew this was going to be a unique place. We had a vision, and we knew CrossFields could pull that off. We wanted to create an upscale Starbucks. We have 5 different practices going on here: Chiropractic, family chiropractic (prevention and lifestyle), CLS club (long-term doctor for prevention and wellness), functional neurology center, and executive athletic high-performance area (coaching for the board room and the field). If you treat people first class, they’ll feel first class, and that’s what we did.

“We were in Michigan, CrossFields was in Georgia, but the management of the project was really seamless. I was in communication with people every week. There were meetings. Even with the stopping and starting during Covid when no one wanted to work, it was just a mess, but CrossFields pulled it off seamlessly.”

Dr. Guy Riekeman, DC, Chiropractic Lifestyle Studio – Royal Oak, MI

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“This was our first time designing and building an office space completely from the ground up. CrossFields came highly recommended by one of my mentors, and they definitely lived up to the expectations! Having such a knowledgeable designer like Laurie to help us bring our vision to life and work alongside the contractors and architect on our behalf was incredibly valuable and took away much of the stress and uncertainty.

If you are a doctor who wants to truly care for your patients and give them an exceptional experience, do not neglect the importance of creating a space that is both functional and beautiful. CrossFields can help you do that, and your patients will thank you!”

Dr. Anthony Cutting, DC, Active Chiropractic – Meridian, ID


“I didn’t know what I was doing [all those] years ago… I don’t have a design eye. I’m not a designer…. My brain doesn’t work that way. But I knew that I needed to find somebody who did work that way who did specialize like [CrossFields does].”

“I was trying to run a practice and busy seeing patients. I didn’t slow down to have this happen. I tried to fit in all the design stuff at night or on my afternoons off. I couldn’t have done it If I didn’t have a designer and I didn’t have a team to work with to source things for me and make suggestions. I didn’t have that time, nor do I have that talent.”

CrossFields helped with the architecture and architectural details, “getting the permits and the MEP plans. I didn’t even know what MEP stood for, but you guys suggested things that I never would have thought of and I’m grateful for that.”

Dr. Caroline Long, DC West University Wellness – Bellaire, TX

[CrossFields] made it possible to see the whole picture and pull everything together. The designer has been [the expertise] to see things that the typical integrative care provider is likely to miss.

We get compliments all the time, especially from new patients coming in. When they walk in, there’s that ‘wow’ factor. [The new space] is also impacting staff members. They find it easier to be more productive and because they enjoy their surroundings, they are able to provide uplifting services.

Dr. Dan Grossman, DC, Bell Wellness – Middleton, NJ

I met Carolyn awhile back. At the time I was not planning on opening a new office. But saw that she had beautiful offices she worked with, she has designed some of our friends’ offices. Dr. Cory and I had decided to move locations and get serious about practice next level. She was the natural person for us to call. I reached out. She is very thorough, very detailed mind consciousness expanding when it comes to design.

Honestly, we struggled with our layout because its kind of an unusual layout. She was very good with figuring out the best way to layout our space. As soon as we put in our new front desk, everyone looked at us differently when they walked in. The perceived value went up!

Dr. Eric Plasker, DC, 100 Year Lifestyle

Great personal touch! They worked well and communicated ways to make my office work best for me.

Dr. Ron Swain, DC, Swain Family Chiropractic – Summerville, SC

“Thanks for your help by the way. After it was said and done you made an impossible task easy.”

Dr. Matthew Wilson, DC, Ashworth Chiropractic – West Des Moines, IA


“[CrossFields] came in and resolved some of the serious problems that I had with the space. [They] set it up so I could have wheelchairs moving around and multiple patients, sound sensitivity and all these different things. I would suggest to think about things that you love, talk to some business people to help you model your practice off of that and then make sure that your space is designed well to fit the model of what you want to create.

They made my floor plan and it was a huge impact on the office. Carolyn looked at the existing floor plan and instantly recognized the problem. She then rapidly developed solutions. She understands the needs of a chiropractic office. If you are designing an office you absolutely want someone who understands our industry. I highly recommend CrossFields!!!”

Dr. Marc Ellis, DC, Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center – Marietta, GA

A big shout out to the team at CrossFields whose vision and expertise took a blank canvas and turned our dream into reality. We couldn’t have done it without you. We could not be happier with the people, including the CrossFields team, who helped us through this process. We are so pleased!

They were just great work with. We measured out how big the office was and they took it from there. They asked us a couple of questions. We made a vision board of what we were envisioning and how we wanted the office to be. It came out beyond our expectations. Before we would have people come in and they never mentioned the office. Now, even existing patients come in and say it’s the nicest office they’ve ever seen.

Dr. Frank Altenrath, DC, Valley Optimal Spine – Cresskill, NJ

I want to let you know that you’ve been very, very helpful. You took a lot off my plate. Most of us chiropractors, we know how to adjust, manage patients and document. But this isn’t my expertise.
I feel confident about choices that we made. I certainly got a lot more than I expected. I appreciate your time and expertise. Very pleasurable experience, I certainly would recommend you to everybody.

Dr. John Curtis, DC, Ft. Campbell Chiropractic – Clarksville, TN
chiropractic front desk

“They did an amazing job! Highly recommend them. You will not regret it. Worth every penny!”

Dr. Danielle Drobbin, DC, Midtown Family Wellness – Atlanta, GA

I met with Carolyn and immediately hired them. During the process, I didn’t have to think that much, just focused on what I needed to do, which was market.

They were really good at laying out things – like little things in my office. They finished on time when they said they were going to be on time; in communication with me the entire time; no hidden expenses, very truthful about costs, and that’s huge. They made it very simple for me. Everything was crystal clear and upfront.

What I loved was one package, so you’re getting the design and construction all in one; you’re in close communication with them, personal attention; they’ve specifically worked with other chiros in the past, so you’ve got that, and they’re affordable.

All in all, a great experience. You don’t expect that type of close relationship with company like that. I refer them all the time.”

Dr. Austin Cohen, DC, Corrective Chiropractic – Atlanta, Decatur, Woodstock

“This looks amazing! Thank you for all of your help . Saying Crossfields has been a great value is a huge understatement. We definitely could not have done it without your help.”

Dr. Justin Collier, DC, Core Chiropractic and Wellness – Little Rock, AR
Wood Chiropractic Office Lobby

“Thanks to the team at CrossFields for helping us make our dream office so that we can help change the health of our community!”

Dr. Chris Wood, DC, Chiropractic First of La Crescent – La Crescent, MN

CrossFields is amazing. They are professional and do amazing work. I am very happy. Thank you for your commitment to excellence!” 

Dr. Chris Boyhan, DC, AlignLife Asheville
Chiropractic Waiting Room View

” I am so happy that I worked with CrossFields! Amazing experience, I literally couldn’t have done it without them! Business is great!  Up 12%. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Steven Scheuing, DC, South Shore Family Chiropractic – South Milwaukee, WI
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New patients have come in [to the new office] that were like pulling teeth to get in before. They don’t second guess you or fuss about the money, which helps the business. You need to dress like the person you want to be. I already feel more successful. I don’t know how we would have designed anything better.

Amazing work! We are so happy that we chose CrossFields for our office design!”

Click the video to watch the whole interview with Dr. Fisher.

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Dr. Bobby Fisher, DC, Fisher Family Chiropractic – Mequon, WI

“Carolyn did the design for my entire office and it looks and works excellent. She even helped me review a couple other locations that we quickly realized would not work based on my needs. Highly recommend!!”

Dr. Chris Gubbels, DC, Square ONE – Fort Collins, CO

“The new space is absolutely incredible!! Truly has enhanced our patients experience. Thanks again for helping me bring my vision to life!”

Dr. Todd Carnucci, DC, Westfield Health & Rehabilitation – Westfield, NJ

“CrossFields really knocked it out of the park! We’ve received a TON of compliments so far! Everyone is very impressed. The words “up-scale” don’t even do it justice.”

Dr. Chris Heitman, DC, Atlanta Spine and Wellness – Chamblee, GA

“There are not enough good words I can say to express the greatness of my experience with CrossFields Design. When I stated working with Scott all I knew was that I wanted to build some kind of new chiropractic clinic somewhere close to my existing practice. Scott and his team took it from there and guided me step by step through site selection and site planning, development of each into space planning for a building using unbelievable creativity throughout the process that only ended after both interior and exterior design was complete. Not only do they have all the design and planning experience but they also have the construction knowledge and experience offering a true one stop shopping experience that they cater to your individual budget without sacrificing quality by using value engineering. Working with CrossFields feels like working with family.”

“You guys continue to impress me with your attention to detail, thoroughness, passion, willingness to go above and beyond and ability to personalize each aspect of my new clinic to me inside & out. Thank you for being awesome!”

Dr. Brad Freitag, DC, Belleville Chiropractic & Wellness Center, S.C. – Belleville, WI

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“It was a great experience in that you understood our profession, what we needed and what we were looking for. It wasn’t like going to a designer that would design a regular office building with no concept of patient flow, so it made it really easy.

The response from patients was incredible. They were just absolutely blown away. We had our highest day of collections in the first week!”

Click the video to watch the whole interview with Dr. Blundy.

View a summary of Dr. Blundy’s video testimonial on our blog.

Dr. Eric Blundy, DC, Spine Care – Seneca, SC


“Most of my colleagues design their offices on their own and it is just not efficient. Most chiropractors obviously aren’t interior designers. I think it’s important to walk into a space that is fresh and stylistic. Once I saw what CrossFields had done and once I had spoken with them there wasn’t a need to look anywhere else. There were some other limiting factors based on the space that I was in that were frustrating for me. CrossFields worked around that and were able to maximize space and use it as best as possible.

I thought they were easy to work with, efficient, planned and budgeted well, high quality and integrity, and reasonably priced. Had a fantastic working relationship with the individuals, always available, prompt, and very conscious of their costs and planning for me to spend. As far as business ethics, they do what they say they will do and follow through. They are great people.”

Dr. Matt Antonucci, DC, NeuroLogic Integrated Health – Mt. Pleasant SC

What stood out about CrossFields was that I really liked their work; every single thing I had seen as far as previous work was unique and different.

When we met, they were interested in what I had to say and fired up with what we were doing. You could instantly tell they were good people, they listened, and you could trust them. They really respected what we wanted in the space versus just making the space work to the best of what they could do.

They were very straightforward and honest about costs and what would be best for us. They always went above and beyond in the process. They really helped us figure out exactly what we wanted so they knew what kind of office to build us.

I will continue to refer them. The quality of their work is incredibly good. They are easy to communicate with and easy to work with, not difficult, not stubborn, very willing to listen. I feel like they do a really good job of ‘what you pay for is what you get.’ Honestly, it was such an enjoyable experience and really unique in the sense they are incredibly trustworthy. They really work hard for the customer and focus on the customer. You can tell that you’re not just someone who is paying them money; they actually care and try to understand where you are coming from. I recommend them to anyone.”

Dr. Brian Davis, DC, LifeLogic Health Center – Greenville, SC

“I was opening up a new clinic and I had no or very little design knowledge. I kind of had in my head an idea of what I was looking for but wasn’t really sure how to translate that into reality. I was also trying to get my office open by a certain time and I knew I needed help if I wanted it to turn out nicely.

In deciding on using CrossFields, what stood out were two main things: one was how impressed I was with my friend’s, Dr. Nathan Berner’s, office; and the second was the price, I thought that it was very reasonable.

They got me everything I needed right away – ever “i” dotted, every “t” crossed. They were fantastic. Everything they said they were going to do, they did within the time frame they said they would, or sooner, and at a reasonable price. All their ideas turned out beautifully.”

Dr. Eric Jaszewski, DC, Lawrence Family Chiropractic – Lawrence Township, NJ
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When I sat down and talked with Carolyn, the biggest thing she made me feel was secure, that what I was saying was not just going in one ear and out the other; she actually listened to me.  CrossFields took the fact that cost was an issue with me. They let me design and steer the ship, but they were guiding me on the passage.  Everything you see was my input and she molded it.”

Click the video to watch the whole interview with Dr. LaCombe.

Dr. Joel LaCombe, DC, LaCombe Chiropractic – Round Rock, TX

“I was frustrated with nobody seeming to understand what I needed for [the design and functional layout of] my office. So I did a search and found CrossFields. As far as their fee structure goes, it’s very much dependent on exactly what the client needs. I did a complete build out.

They are more valuable than the cost. They literally saved me more than their cost because they saw potential obstacles that I could not.”

Dr. Kevin Gehin, DC, Wyoming Valley Spine & Nerve – Pittston, PA

When it came to CrossFields, the project execution was flawless; it was delivered within scope and on time.

Because the employees from CrossFields and the subcontractors were very, very conscious of working with us in an occupied office space, they assisted in every way possible to make sure the project could be completed while the office space was still occupied. They did everything they could to protect the work environment so it didn’t become a total construction environment during the project. They actually executed half the office at one point and the other half at another point.

Their personnel were always timely and the follow up from CrossFields itself was always consistent , and related to each individual phase of the project. They take extreme care to ensure that expectations of the project are met. They go above and beyond what would typically be required to meet a customer’s expectation. All in all, it was a very good experience.”

Mr. Tony London, Plant Manager, CCC, Marietta GA

“Carolyn and her team listen to your needs and deliver great results. They’re worth every penny!”

Dr. Shawn Hall, DC, Precision Spine Specialists – Franklin, TN

“We did a floor plan and we literally didn’t have a clue…it wasn’t until CrossFields had us do a Concept Design that we even knew what this was – it really brought our vision to life.  A floor plan is one thing, but the Concept of what we now have, and the way it actually looks and feels is something entirely different.

The Martins told us that their peers and practice management group advised them not to use a design firm for their first practice because it was a luxury.  When commenting on this they stated “…Now that we’re standing here in the actual space and it’s done, I don’t feel like it’s a luxury.  I think the cost was necessary, I don’t feel like it’s an option.

Today was the Grand Opening/ Open House.  It was a major success and everyone just loved the office!  We owe so much to you.”

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Drs. Martin and Lorraine Jones, DCs, Williamson County Chiropractic – Round Rock, TX 
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“Definitely met my expectations, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Our existing patients now light up when they come in. Their reaction really brought the confirmation that what we did is a good thing; not only for our patients, but our community as well.”

Click the video to watch the whole interview with Dr. Parrett.

Dr. Chris Parrett, DC, New Millennium Medical – Belvidere, IL

While we’ve only been in this spot for maybe five or six weeks, referrals are happening. Even though it’s new, it’s two miles down the road and not where it was. There’s a lot of change, but people are referring their friends.. Our patients love this place.”

Watch the whole interview with Dr. Ochsner:

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Dr. Ashly Ochsner, DC, BS, Health From Within Chiropractic Wellness Center – Orland Park, IL

“I found them online, and then called them up. I choose CrossFields because I felt like their designs represented what I wanted. Their performance exceeded my expectations.

I really appreciate Carolyn’s attention to detail and her expertise.”

Dr. Tamara Lovelace, DC, Seacoast Spine & Sports Injury – Portsmouth NH

“I wanted to open my own office and knew I wasn’t an expert in interior design, colors, and that sort of thing. I wanted someone more knowledgeable than myself. I knew the chiropractic side of things but wanted my office to look nice. I knew that I needed to find someone to specialize in that because it obviously wasn’t me.

I choose CrossFields because I liked the flexibility to pick just that one portion and that made the cost much more what I wanted to pay. And I liked what I saw and that’s what I wanted my office to look like.

They exceeded my expectations. I thought one thing that they did well was the whole floor plan where they defined where every color went on every single wall, and that made it very simple for my painters. I thought everything was very smooth, easy to work with, things turned out the way I would have liked.”

Dr. Nathan Berner, DC, Berner Family Chiropractic – Marietta, GA
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“I was starting a practice and I needed help with someone to really explain the architecture and the legal aspects of building, as well as other factors. It was my first time opening a health center and there’s so many licenses and what not that you need to get.

They answered all my questions, and every time I needed something they steered me in the right direction. I could say they addressed everything. CrossFields really helped me and I was able to focus on marketing and building my business. I don’t know what would have happened without them.”

Dr. David Jockers, DC, Exodus Health Center – Kennesaw GA

“I want to recommend Scott and Carolyn Boldt and their company CrossFields as an excellent resource in providing a service key to your success.

CrossFields has been a close friend of Life University since 2003. When I came in 2004, I knew that an important piece in the turn-around of the school was improving the facilities so that they represented and supported our goal to become the best Chiropractic University. CrossFields has been a key player in our turn around. They have been successful in creating functional spaces that get the most impact (“WOW”) out of our dollars.

I would recommend CrossFields for any design/construction project you are working on. Their work creates both functional, aesthetically inviting, and impactful spaces. They are not only great at what they do, but they are personally passionate about Chiropractic health care and want to help promote and grow the profession. They even teach a class to our students here at Life University about starting an office. In these classes, they state ‘the quality of your environment is a key to your success.’ I can say it’s been a key to our success.

Thank you CrossFields for helping us drive our mission of Chiropractic Excellence!”

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Dr. Guy Riekeman, DC, President, Life University – Marietta GA

“What stood out about CrossFields was the work they had already done here. Their reputation on campus about the quality of the work that they do, the quality of the relationship they had with the people they had already been working with on campus. They worked with us in the design and the aesthetics and functionality that we needed.

They work really well with you and they try to modify things as you need. If they run into a problem that maybe not been discovered in the beginning and they would just work with you and take care of it.

They are very creative in their design and build, and it’s a good working relationship between the design and build piece, which creates less of a … it’s less problematic for us.”

Dr. Tim Gross, DC, Dean of Clinics, Life University Clinics – Marietta GA