Cross Fields Design

3 Keys To

Office design and effective rOI

KEY #1: Maximize Space & Flow

With Focus on Form follows Function, it’s essential to know how to create an office layout that will help you achieve your highest goals for practice success. This class is all about how to create an office designed with “function” at top of mind. 

KEY #2: Attract & Retain Patients

The #1 goal to most practices is more patients. And we know keeping those patients increases revenue and net profit. So does attracting and retaining A-Team employees. An aesthetically appealing interior that increased the patient experience is the foundation for these goals be achieved. This class is all about how you can attain the “form” of your environment can support your goals.

KEY #3: Save Time & Money

Every decision you make is important to the efficiency and effectiveness of your office environment. You want to make the right decisions without wasting time or money. My goal in this 3rd class is to help you be an “educated consumer” which will save you headaches, costly mistakes, and costly time.