Cross Fields Design

Our History

Our History

In 2004, Scott and Carolyn Boldt co-founded CrossFields as a design-build firm in Metro Atlanta. Their major client became Life University. In 2011, they changed their focus to improving the public’s perception of chiropractic and alternative medicine and highlighting the power of holistic healthcare. Through their Signature 06 Steps, CrossFields has helped hundreds of doctors across the globe expand their practices and reach higher levels of success by maximizing space, attracting and retaining patients, and saving money. 


Discovered Chiropractic – toddler daughter was saved from tonsillectomy surgery through Chiropractic Care.

Discovered alternative holistic healthcare – founder’s chronic fatigue and early autoimmune diseases were healed.

Began facility design work for Life University and continued as a major client through 2016. Learned extensively about the business and facility needs of chiropractors.

Designed and built Life University Public and Student Clinics. 

Designed the first individual chiropractor office for a new graduate. This led to two more new graduate offices that included construction.

Taught quarterly classes about office design to Life University Chiropractic students. Decided to help elevate the profession we were passionate about.

Began developing custom designed Chiropractic packages. Started marketing on Facebook and through blog articles for Chiropractors.

Launched a new web presence as “CrossFields Chiropractic Office Design.” Expanded quarterly teaching to students at Palmer Florida.

Hit a milestone of serving over 100 doctors, increased teaching presence, and expanded beyond Chiropractic into overall health and wellness.

CrossFields continues to grow globally with an expanded expert team serving hundreds of doctors annually.