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We Can Meet Your Needs

Services Ranging from Initial Planning through Construction

Initial Planning – Pre-location 

Determine your space requirements & ideal flow. Capture your vision, refine your financials and focus your real estate search.

Space Study “Test Fits” 

Determine if the space found (or your current space) will work for you and your business goals.

New Building Site Planning & Exterior Design

Consultations, Site Evaluation, Site Planning, Architectural Exterior Building Design

Architectural Construction Documents & Permit Drawings 

We further develop the 3-dimensional space, looking at the relationship of the ceiling, lighting, millwork, finishes, electrical, plumbing, structure, furnishings & equipment.  We create the final detailing and document the complete specifications and final selections to assure that the design decisions can be executed and fulfilled for construction & permitting.

Interior Design & Decoration 

Built-ins designed and finishes, furniture, art, accessories selections and documentation for installation and procurement

Construction Administration & Quality Control 

To bring your vision to reality, we oversee the design intent during construction. CrossFields will act as your representative to ensure quality control.

Construction Services

CrossFields will perform the construction process and provide you a turn-key no stress solution, if you are within the metro Atlanta area.

Renovations, Furnishings & Finishes

One-on-one consultations for minor remodeling of an existing space, we can help in the “decorating” of your office.


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