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Moved by the desire to see more individuals achieve healthier lives through holistic health & wellness, we are on a mission to increase the respect and authority of our practitioners. We create practical and impactful environments that help our holistic practitioners stand out and succeed so they can impact more lives naturally. 

Depending on where you are in the journey, we offer a variety of solutions. 

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Did you know that your success is directly related to the design of your environment?

As advocates for chiropractic and holistic healthcare practices, we understand that a well-designed office is key to success. We continue to develop tools and teachings to help you in your journey

Learn to increase profitability and revenue through quality design.


What to avoid when opening your office – to be successful.

Everything you need to know to launch your new business.


Download to get ideas of what other doctors have completed with us.


Checklist our designers would use to evaluate your current office image.

Barbara Eaton Discount for Online Products

Our team of experts has crafted a diverse range of online purchase options to help you without the expense of hiring a designer.  As a Barbara Eaton Client, use CFBE code at checkout for discounts.

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Get a designer’s expertise without the custom design price tag.

$200 Off 


Tools and Roadmap to open a Quality Office, Confidently – Successfully.

$300 Off


Library of 100+ floor plans designed just for practitioners. 

$10 Off = $39


An expert-crafted Timeline will be created for your practice.

$50 Off  


One-on-one customized consultative services, offered worldwide virtually, by highly-experienced professionals.

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Initial Planning Pre-location

Consultative support during your due diligence process to determine the best strategy to meet your facility goals. 


Space Study

Explore options for how the potential or current space could work for your business goals. 


Building Site Planning & Exterior Design

Consultations, Site Evaluation, Site Planning, Architectural Exterior Building Design.


Interior Architecture

Design of the interior structure focused on the functionality for human occupancy.

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