Cross Fields Design

Get a designers expertise
without the custom design price tag

Everything you need
to create the perfect look for your practice

1. Explore & Choose Your Style 

2. Order Your Style Package

3. Receive Your Box of Samples & Extensive Guide on How to Use & More


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Included in Style Package

  • Box of samples of all the actual finishes and upholstery in your style, delivered in 3 business days of your order
  • Key elements for this style and how to implement
  • Set up Guide with instructions and tips on how to create this style in your own office
  • Shopping List for all finishes, lighting, and furniture
  • Exclusive training by our founder Carolyn Boldt, to further explain the why’s and how’s of your package

This package represents a typical $6,000 Design fee – Yours for $1,497

Maybe you need to refresh your space. Or maybe you need to design a new practice. Either way, you need a designer. Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t have room to hire someone and you don’t have time to become a design pro.

A well-designed space is no longer a luxury. You should have a professional office design regardless of budget. And now you can.



We meet with hundreds of doctors every year, and we know not everyone is ready to hire a designer to create a custom design. That’s why we created our “styles in a box” option. Leverage the extensive expertise of our team without the investment of a custom project. You get everything you need to create the perfect space for your practice. Patients will love it, and you’ll get it done without the stress.

Design is an investment in your success

People don’t just remember the treatment; they remember the entire visit. When you invest in how your office looks, you actually invest in elevating a patient’s experience. As a result, you turn your office into a tool that helps you attract and retain patients.

We know Holistic Doctors

For nearly a decade, we’ve designed and built spaces for chiropractors, health and wellness providers all over the country. From small start-ups to big practices in major metro areas, we’ve seen it all. We’ve taken those experiences and put them into our new “designs in a box” you can use to create a new space or refresh an existing one.


  • You are building a new office and have your floor plan you love. Now you want it adorned to reflect your brand and attract more patients.
  • You are refreshing a current space to elevate your brand and need a place to start.
  • You have great taste but need guidance when it comes to designing a cohesive space that reflects your brand.
  • You don’t feel confident with your design decisions and want these decisions made for you.
  • You want the look of an interior designer, but full-service design is out of your price range.
  • You want someone to tell you exactly where to get the exact selections to get “this look.”
  • You describe yourself as a bargain-hunter and love the idea that you can use our design to shop the look for a bargain.

Does this sound like you? Let our “Designed for You: Styles in a Box” take out the decorating guesswork for you. Order now.


  • You need help with flow and functional changes.
  • You want custom design elements like custom furniture, millwork or lighting.
  • You would like a customized front desk that fits your space and style.
  • Your project includes remodeling, such as moving walls, plumbing or electrical.

For any of these situations, we suggest our full-service design services. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation now to discuss your options with someone.