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Saving Time and Money with a Clear Vision

“I just can’t fathom how much money and time it would save a new practitioner to have a clear vision of what they need and want from their space.”

Dr. Lacie Guy, of Valdosta GA, in her interview with the Georgia Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Guy saved time and money by hiring CrossFields to help her build her second office.

When she came to us, she wasn’t sure which way she needed to go and was wasting her valuable time by not having a clear direction. CrossFields worked with Dr. Guy through her goals and vision for her practice to find out what she really needed. Based on her now-clear vision, Dr. Guy and CrossFields were able to provide design solutions for her dream office!


Click here for the magazine article.

Some of the project photos for Dr. Guy:

Presentation Floor Plan
Front Desk Conceptual Sketch
Finish Palette
Exterior Conceptual Design Solutions Sketch
Exterior Elevation


See more of Dr. Lacie Guy’s story and design solutions for her “Vision Come to Life” in our portfolio.


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