Dr. Matt Antonucci, D.C., practices a highly specialized Chiropractic technique, Functional Neurology, which focuses on correcting brain related disorders. This type of practice is very cutting-edge and virtually unknown to the public. Due to the uniqueness of this type of healthcare and focus toward a specific patient type, it would be extremely important to be located in an affluent community with close proximity to and association with other healthcare facilities and professionals.


CrossFields first step was to assist in locating and evaluating the location and development style needed. This led us to a newly emerging development that was focused on healthcare facilities, and was not far from East Cooper Medical Center. This small, yet very upscale development and building created an excellent starting point from which we built upon. The space was approximately 2500 square feet of raw “unfinished” area. Maximizing the Tenant Improvement allowance focused on key impact to achieve the best results, CrossFields designed a customized floor plan to insure that each function, workflow, and unique treatment technique and equipment was efficient and effective. The design also took into consideration the 3-dimensional aspects of the spaces by vaulting the ceilings and creating a dramatic upscale image using dark finishes in conjunction with neutral backgrounds and stainless steel accents. The result was a highly functional office that created a stunning upscale environment for this specialized healthcare center.


Interior Architectural Design, Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment, Construction


“Many doctors try to design their office on their own and it is just not efficient, not put together well. Most chiropractors obviously aren’t interior designers. I think it’s important to walk into a space that has a fresh and stylistic. Once I saw what CrossFields had done and once I had spoken with them there wasn’t a need to look anywhere else. There were some other limiting factors based on the space that I was in that were frustrating for me. CrossFields worked around that and were able to maximize space and use it as best as possible.

I thought they were really easy to work with, efficient, planned and budgeted well, high

quality and integrity and reasonably priced Had a fantastic working relationship with the individuals, always available, prompt, and very conscious of their costs and planning for me to spend. As far as business ethics, they do what they say they will do and follow through. They are great people.”

-Dr. Matt Antonucci, NeuroLogic Integrated Health – Mt. Pleasant-Charleston, SC

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