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Dr. Marc Ellis, a specialist in functional neurology, had been in practice for over 15 years and had outgrown his location. He was moving his office to a space that was double the size, with the goal to double his practice volume and add an educational space. The new office, just over 4,000 square feet, was inside a professional office building with a common lobby.

Functionally, the existing layout and room sizes worked well for the practice needs and treatment goals, but aesthetically the space was not in line with the environment Dr. Ellis wanted to create. Knowing that he wanted his new office to portray the scientifically advanced treatments and the superior service he and his team offered, he came to CrossFields for help with realizing his vision.


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Dr. Ellis came to CrossFields with a set of minor construction drawings for a minor space plan remodel. CrossFields began by reviewing and working through the flow and function of his proposed plan. Our added ideas enhanced the movement, reduced the bottleneck, and increased the openness, while still maintaining privacy where needed. Doors and new walls were slightly repositioned and key corridors were widened to support the treatment privacy and patient flow. The area designated as the front desk was designed with open patient check-in and check-out counters and was flanked with full height walls to create a private workspace.

The goal was to have the interior be an inviting atmosphere that conveyed the high-quality state of care. Overall the space is rich in color and texture with splashes of shine and glitz, anchored in the comfort of classic elegance in balance and scale. These combinations surround anyone who enters by a sense of professionalism as well as an awareness that this place is different, upscale, and unique.

Key focus was put into the first impression of the lobby. To enhance the plain, but sizable, waiting room, CrossFields designed a series of ceiling soffits, or lowered areas, complimented by vertical walls to create a symmetrical balance and drama in a non-symmetrical space. The lowered soffits also helped the existing low ceiling appear higher and more voluminous. As you walk into the middle of the reception from the large common lobby, you pass through a lowered ceiling into a higher ceiling which draws you in to the center. This higher ceiling area is accented by two “glitzy” pendants that anchor and marry the waiting area and front desk area, which are located on either side of the entry door. The lowered ceiling detail around the perimeter of the reception causes the center to feel more dramatic, with soft lighting highlighting the textured inviting seating below.

In order to reinforce the high quality of care, classic commercial furniture was used in the waiting area along with the luxurious comfort of soft textures and wood against a backdrop of woven wall covering. The front desk was perfectly balanced across from the seating, with a down lit, curved, and frosty white desk front topped with the high contrast of a black stone counter. Drama and height were added by flanking the curved desk with vertical glass tile against a metallic bronze wall. More texture was added with cork wall covering on the back wall, which acts as the backdrop for the large gold logo.

Upon leaving the lobby, a bronze half wall topped with organic resin panels separates the corridor and checkout from the open therapy, allowing light in while maintaining privacy. The therapy space is an open, versatile space for a multitude of treatments which can serve as a teaching facility for Dr. Ellis, the practice, as well as up and coming functional neurologist.

The open area is flanked with treatment rooms and doctors’ offices. In a nook near the back offices is a small secondary waiting space to support the team.  Lighting throughout was changed from basic fluorescent to LED lay-in and recessed cans, with a multitude of switches and dimmers to assist in changing the lighting for treatments and atmosphere.

The warmth of the space was accomplished through medium toned, wood grained luxury vinyl tile running throughout the reception area and corridors. To add comfort and help provide sound dampening, a gently patterned, cool carpet tile was used in the open therapy space, complemented with the use of warm carpet tile in the closed rooms.

The colors throughout are warm and rich, providing a neutral backdrop to display the fascinating art. The art in the waiting spaces is neutral and soothing, while the long corridor leading to the doctors’ offices is rhythmically clad with a delightful assortment of colorful art pieces and lighting.

Overall, Dr. Ellis and CrossFields partnered together to create a space that is upscale, but also friendly and comfortable, all centered on the quality care and state of art services provided.


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“They made my floor plan and it was a huge impact on the office. Carolyn looked at the existing floor plan and instantly recognized the problem. She then rapidly developed solutions. She understands the needs of a chiropractic office. If you are designing an office you absolutely want someone who understands our industry. I highly recommend Crossfields!!!”

Photography by John Clemmer Architectural Photography

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