Dr. Christopher Heitman, DC, had aggressively expanded his thriving practice, significantly outgrowing his current space.  He decided to begin searching for a long-term location in an up and coming area inside the perimeter of Atlanta. With a goal to continue attracting new patients, Dr. Chris needed help to find a space that would fit his needs and create his ideal environment.

When he first found CrossFields, Dr. Chris engaged us in initial assessment services to help him determine the ideal square footage he would need to meet his requirements for function, growth, and finances. We also worked together to pinpoint his aesthetic vision to meet his business and office environment goals.

After much searching and negotiations, Dr. Chris found a new mixed-use development that afforded him a “grey box” retail space below luxury apartments. The location and opportunity were perfect.

The space itself did present a few challenges. The biggest challenge was that it had a thick, structural wall in the center which created restrictions in the layout. The next design challenge was the low ceiling that acted as the “fire lid” to the apartments above. This ceiling could not be penetrated, thus all the ductwork and electrical conduit had to remain below it. The space also had two potential entrances for patients.

For the feel of his new space, Dr. Chris wanted to convey wellness, attract new patients, and remain technologically current. He wanted to introduce patients to a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere the moment they entered the space.  His rehabilitation area needed to be educational and flexible so that it could double as a place for workshops.  Further, he wanted his adjusting area, Report of Findings room, and massage room to be calm and soothing.



CrossFields began by working on the layout of the space, obtaining the maximum flow despite the large, central wall.  We focused on creating an inviting entrance, both from the front door and from the back parking garage area. This was achieved with an off-center front desk positioned to have clear sightline to both entrances, as well as the therapy and adjusting areas.

To create comfort, an intimate waiting area was set in the center. The rooms were sized for maximum flexibility so that he can continue to grow his practice offerings.  There was also a focus on bringing in natural light to create an open flow through the large rehab area and into the corridors.

Once the space was laid out for the best flow, CrossFields then developed a 3-dimensional interior design of the space and began adding the colors and finishes.  Dr. Chris wanted a classic, hint of industrial, loft-inspired space, which was very in keeping with his patient’s demographics.  Although the high, exposed ceilings he initially desired were not possible, the fire lid ceiling did require exposed electrical conduit and HVAC.  CrossFields worked to integrate the visible lighting, conduit, and the HVAC ductwork so they were purposefully incorporated into the design.

Throughout the space, a warm neutral color palette of taupes and grays, with an accent of muted purple, set the stage for the welcoming interior. The strategic use of dark wood provided contrast and created trust and strength. Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring in gray wood herringbone pattern was used in the reception area and was complemented with the use of warm-gray carpet tile throughout the remainder of the space, which helped to provide some sound dampening.

Worn brick was applied to the existing demising wall as well as the walls surrounding the texture upholstery waiting chairs in the reception, creating a post-modern look.  Edison bulb light fixtures were added to create interest in the space and further develop the industrial feel. Set against a bright wall for high contrast, a dark curved front desk with light transaction top created a feeling of strength and dependability.  Complementary artwork brought color and accent throughout the space.  To complete the waiting area, the logo was installed on floating glass acrylic directly behind the seating.

In the open rehab area, we used indirect lighting to organize the equipment into two different zones: active and passive therapy. Higher brightness added energy to the active therapy zone while a lower light level created lower energy in the passive therapy zone. Wall mounted cervical traction units were set on a wall painted in a high brushed, metallic light purple, acting as emphases and accent.

The adjusting area was designed to be a flexible semi-open space which will also serve as an exam area. While they will typically remain open, pocket doors were used to separate the two adjusting bays and create privacy.

Keeping in mind that the first impression is key to the growth of the business, the Report of Findings and Doctor’s Office were designed to portray an atmosphere of professionalism. This was achieved through high-quality furniture set against neutral walls, with ample storage to maintain clean work area.  Accents of blues in the art and accessories added to the sense of peace and trust.

The resulting space is industrial, yet comfortable, with colors and art that promote a sense of peace and dependability. The rooms and flow are accessible, yet private, each meeting their function well and with style. With CrossFields’ help, Dr. Chris was able to find the perfect space for his new office and transform it into his ideal, welcoming environment without compromising on his function, growth, and financial goals.


Space Planning and Schematic Design

Architectural Interior Design Development



“Wanted to share that we’re going to have our busiest week in the history of our practice this week!! Can’t thank you BOTH enough for the hard work and dedication you put into my project. We’re projecting excellence and it’s showing in the numbers. THANK YOU!!”

– Dr. Chris Heitman, DC


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