Dr. Blundy bought a building previously owned by a general surgeon about a block from his existing practice in Seneca, South Carolina.  The building was a great buy, but the space was very closed and broken up and did not flow well for his practice, and it definitely lacked the distinct high-end look and “wow” desired as part of his new branding.

When Dr. Blundy came to us, he said “We will be transitioning into a Functional Neurologist office. Everything from Neuro-feedback, to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments, Decompression, VNG equipment, ect. I love that we can offer services no one else does and the amazing results we can achieve. These services can become costly. People buy first with their eyes and as such, I want my office to visually command that level of expertise.”

His goal was to create an “elite” environment for his patients, “that they won’t be able to compare to anyone else” in the area. He desired the office to have an overall simplicity with clean lines and minimal patterns to ensure his functional Neurology patients would not have unnecessary stimulation. Immediate impact was desired once the patients entered the office, with a “wow” feature.  And he wanted to do this for the lowest possible cost, hoping to salvage existing elements in the space to save money.


CrossFields worked together with Dr. Blundy to develop a space plan that maximized his efficiency and best utilized the square footage available. Once we had developed a schematic space plan that optimized the flow, we developed a scope of work that was provided to contractors to determine the cost of the build-out.  Working through many options of value engineering with Dr. Blundy, CrossFields was able to determine a final design that gave him the best “bang for his buck”.  This also helped him to choose his contractor and secure the loan for improvements. The next steps were to first develop the details of the design, known as Design Development, and then develop the Construction Permit drawings.

CrossFields captured the vision and worked with Dr. Blundy to meld his high-end vision and goals against the reality of a conservative budget.  To satisfy the “wow” CrossFields opened up the closed-in lobby and transformed a small reception window into an open and inviting front desk.  The wall that remained between the lobby and the corridor was cut down, clad with sparkling white stacked quartz, topped with frosted butt-glass and flanked by faux columns.  This created both a focal point for his custom designed logo, as well as functionally allowing a view into the lobby, so that he and the front desk could keep an eye on the pulse of the office. To create a feeling of inviting hospitality, the lobby was then furnished with a light grey classic sofa, large white lounge chairs and a marble topped coffee table, all anchored with a large drum pendant light centered over the waiting space.

A secondary focal point was created in the front desk.  The once small window that opened into a large business office was torn down and replaced with a functional semi-open desk while the large office was divided with a partition wall to hide the back office area.  The dramatic dark wood of the desk was then contrasted against the partition wall, also clad with sparkling white quartz, and adorned with a dramatic contemporary art. Pendant lighting was suspended above the transaction counters, which finished off the look. Down the corridor, behind the glass logo wall, drum lights were added to break up the long corridor with a rhythm while tying it to the reception. This added to the desired high-end look.

A previously used utilitarian nurses station in the corridor,  now exposed to the lobby, was transformed into an inviting combination hospitality area and retail display and storage, conveniently located near the front desk. It was finished to match the front desk and reception using the same dark wood and white quartz, which tied the whole first impression together, creating a significant impact.

A series of small broken up rooms behind the front desk were demolished to create an open, low light, quiet therapy bay that can transform into a bright lecture area for patient education.   In the balance of the space the rooms remained but were transformed into inviting spaces with lighting and finishes.  These spaces incorporated two large adjusting treatment rooms, an x-ray/exam room, a neuro-feedback room and a private doctor’s office that also serves as the report of findings.


Full Service Interior Design: Includes Space Planning and Schematic Design; Complete Architecture, Interiors, and Engineering Design; Construction Pricing and Consultation; Construction Administration; and Furnishings and Art Selections and Procurement Services.


“It was a great experience in that you understood our profession, what we needed and what we were looking for. It wasn’t like going to a designer that would design a regular office building with no concept of patient flow, so it made it really easy.”

And about the finished product:

“The reaction that I wanted – I saw it with every single person coming through the door…you guys accomplished that.”

– Dr. Eric Blundy, DACNB, DC – SpineCare Chronic Conditions & Rehab Center, Seneca, SC

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