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Dr. Nathan Berner, DC found a great investment in an office condo during a down economy. The space needed very little reconfiguration to meet the practices needs, but it definitely needed to make an impact in the upper middle class community he would serve, and for as little money as possible for this start-up.


By maximizing the budget with key choices, CrossFields transformed a plain space into a strong and striking one simply with paint and finish selections. The overall ambiance was enhanced by the suggestion of the furniture and artwork direction. Dr. Berner used this as a shopping guide to find local and online items to finish the space himself. The results were very impressive, for really no extra money, just using his budget for the most impact.


DIY Interior Design & Furnishings


“I wanted to open my own office and knew I wasn’t an expert in interior design, colors and that sort of thing. I wanted someone more knowledgeable than myself. I knew the chiropractic side of things but wanted my office to look nice. I knew that I needed to find someone to specialize in that because it obviously wasn’t me.

I choose CrossFields because I liked the flexibility to pick just that one portion and that made the cost much more what I wanted to pay. And I liked what I saw and that’s what I wanted my office to look like.

They exceeded my expectations. I thought the one thing that they did that was really nice was that whole floor plan where they defined where every color went on every single wall, and that made it very simple for my painters. I thought everything was very smooth, easy to work with, things turned out the way I would have liked.”

-Dr. Nathan Berner, DC,  Berner Family Chiropractic – Marietta GA


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