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Dr. Kevin Gehin, DC was opening a new practice in Pennsylvania. Having a practice before, this was not a new venture for him, so he knew that getting the right advocate and creative support to create his dream practice was an important investment in his future. He also understood, that although his landlord had a team of architects and contractors to help him, they were not knowledgeable about the Chiropractic profession. After searching and interviews, he hired CrossFields to develop all of his design, and to be the advocate on his behalf during the process.


First, in the Definement Phase, CrossFields’ initial step was to develop the Due Diligence Design Package to determine how much space was needed and to develop a design direction, so that construction budgeting could occur prior to signing the lease. Through this process, several spaces and possibilities in a local development were considered. Working through the challenges of the raw lease space available, CrossFields developed many scenarios with Dr. Gehin, and was able to create a plan with maximum flow and creative impact that Dr. Gehin loved. Using this plan, budgets, and CrossFields guidance, Dr. Gehin was able to favorably complete his lease negotiations.

Once the lease negotiations were completed, CrossFields continued service by developing architectural plans through Design Development. These plans were then further translated into Construction Permit Documents by the Landlord’s Architectural and Engineering Team. CrossFields performed the role of Construction Administration, reviewing drawings and construction progress on behalf of Dr. Gehin. This proved to be a valuable role to protect him from on-site changes that were not in his best interest.

As the construction progressed, Dr. Gehin used the counsel of CrossFields to locate furniture, art, and accessories to add the finishing touches to his space; creating a first class Chiropractic Office, and adding to his professional image & success.


Due Diligence Design, Design Development, Construction Administration, and Furniture, Art & Accessories Consultations.

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