Drs. Martin and Lorraine Jones were ready to build their first practice. They had limited funds but knew that they needed a space that would support their message and not appear as a first time practice.


The Jones’ contacted CrossFields originally to help select their paint. Upon further consultation, they knew that CrossFields could help them maximize their dollars through an efficient layout as well as a design image to represent their mission.

CrossFields first evaluated the square footage required to meet their goals and then consulted with them as they considered various spaces to pursue.  The best option was an existing space that would require some remodeling.   Multiple space plans were explored together and they finalized on the one that maximized their square footage and met their goals. Their desired image and cultural direction were explored through an evaluation of various interior images that inspired them.  CrossFields evaluated and coached them to discover their key inspiration from which a conceptual design direction was established.  A document was created that included the final space plan and narrative scope of work to be used for pricing and as the foundation of their finished space.

Using this document the Jones’ engaged a local contractor to help work toward getting the price to their budget (known in the industry as value engineering) and creating the required permit drawings.

With this foundation established, CrossFields worked with the Jones’ to select finishes that included flooring, paint, doors, and hardware.  From there a finish plan was created.  CrossFields also designed a simple front desk and logo sign they could afford, yet would create impact.

This creative design process resulted in an environment that maximizes utilization and efficiency of their space and communicates an established and valuable practice to all patients.


Space Planning and Conceptual Design, Finishes Selections, Front Desk and Logo Sign Design, Art and Accessories Consultation


“We did a floor plan and we literally didn’t have a clue…it wasn’t until CrossFields had us do a Concept Design that we even knew what this was – it really brought our vision to life.  A floor plan is one thing, but the Concept of what we now have, and the way it actually looks and feels is another thing altogether.”

The Martins told us that their peers and practice management group advised them not to use a design firm for their first practice because it was a luxury.  When commenting on this they stated “…Now that we’re standing here in the actual space and it’s done, I don’t feel like it’s a luxury.  I think the cost was necessary, I don’t feel like it’s an option.”

“Today was the Grand Opening/ Open House.  It was a major success and everyone just loved the office!  We owe so much to you.”

-Drs. Martin & Lorraine Jones, DC – Williamson Chiropractic, Round Rock, TX

Read Drs. Jones’ full testimonial on why hiring a designer is not a luxury. 

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