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Dr. Austin Cohen, DC, targeted a recognized, affluent urban community to establish his new Chiropractic Clinic. Square footage was at a premium in this prime location while the programmed space requirements of the practice were high.   To integrate into this community, marketing showed it was essential to have a stylish image to attract and retain clientele. Ultimately, as a start up, minimizing the upfront cost was a key concern.


CrossFields optimized the layout and flow of the practice to maximize the number of patients that could potentially be seen in a minimum amount of space. This efficiency was accomplished through creating distinct areas of care with appropriate size, flow & atmosphere to suite their purpose. To minimize the cost, CrossFields focused on retaining much of the existing structure, creating high impact architectural features and lighting, and resourcing fashionable furnishings with a low cost. The overall space was designed to unite with the high style of the community and provide a sense of positivity and wellness. It has become a thriving practice in a very short period of time.


Interior Architectural Design, Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment, Construction


“I met with Carolyn and immediately hired them. During the process, I didn’t have to think that much, just focused on what I needed to do, which was market.

They were really good at laying out things – like little things in my office. They finished on time when they said they were going to be on time; in communication with me the entire time; no hidden expenses, very truthful about costs, and that’s huge. They made it very simple for me. Everything was crystal clear and upfront.

What I loved was one package, so you’re getting the design and construction all in one; you’re in close communication with them, personal attention; they’ve specifically worked with other chiros in the past, so you’ve got that, and they’re affordable.

All in all, a great experience. You don’t expect that type of close relationship with company like that. I refer them all the time.”

-Dr. Austin Cohen DC, Cohen Chiropractic Centre, Atlanta-Buckhead, GA


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