Written By Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Within two months, my office was flooded twice – once from poor exterior drainage which caused extensive damage to the entire lobby and adjusting suite; and the second from tenant’s unit upstairs. From outside or above, pouring water has the power to destroy. Despite catastrophe, business never slowed down – even with the office appearance in shambles. 

I always look for a silver lining. In our case, it was an (unexpected) opportunity to upgrade Balance Atlanta to the next level. Our chiropractic patients have always felt comfortable in the “home-like” setting of the practice. Yet with the addition of premium level services over the years such as BrainCore Therapy, Difficult Cases and Functional Medicine, my medical clinic design needed a makeover to appeal to those clients seeking these premium services while still retaining the personal touch for those families familiar with the Dr. Caroline over the span of many years.

I wanted to modernize without losing my identity.

A fellow chiropractor referred me to CrossFields. As I studied their website, I had office FOMO. I knew I had to hire this design and architecture firm to take Balance Atlanta to the next level.

My challenge, aside from the flooding? Streamlined storage because I hate clutter. More room in the lobby so I can host workshops. A unified look to appeal to the senses. Rearrange the awkward configuration of the consult room. Create a space that is modern yet warm and accommodating to patients of all ages. Better lighting. Updated bathroom. 

My inspiration was Miraval, a wellness resort located in Tucson, AZ. It is my happy place where mind and body seem to find their way back on the same page. I created a vision board upon the suggestion of Laurie, my amazing designer. Warm desert tones punctuated with bright pops of color; smooth edges positioned against soft textures; high tech meets down-to-Earth sensibilities – that is what I wanted. And Laurie delivered, even going as far suggesting I feature my own photography taken in Arizona as artwork. Brilliant! Art gallery and chiropractic office all in one!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am by the end result! The clinic is absolutely beautiful as it is functional. Everything has it’s place which keeps my mind on what is most important, providing excellent service to my practice members. I pinch myself as I think about a piece of Miraval coming back to Buckhead – Laurie, Scott and Carolyn created an oasis in the city. The level of professionalism from the CrossFields team, including the installation crew and builders, was exemplary. It was no easy feat on my part or theirs running a full-time practice while undergoing a complete renovation. 

While the flood created one massive headache after another, I could not imagine hiring anyone else but CrossFields to transform the situation into a miracle. I guess nature know’s best after all, even if being pushed to the next level was unexpected! My thanks to everyone who allowed me to spread my wings and soar to greater heights with an absolutely stunning office. 


Refresh of existing space including interior architectural design, furnishings and construction.

Photography by John Clemmer Architectural Photography

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