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“Create a world-class neurological, vestibular rehabilitation center to heal patients and facilitate learning, preparing doctors for future treatment centers around the world.”

This assignment originated from Dr. Ted Carrick, who over the last 21 years has become a world-renowned pioneer in active brain research. Since functional neurology is a relatively new frontier, creating trust is vital to every aspect of the facility. And, the space had to be designed to expand and contract, functioning as a clinic year round with 5 resident doctors and 20 patients per week, yet swells 6-8 times a year to a teaching facility during “Carrick Rounds”, seeing 65 patients and hands-on training of 90 doctors.


CrossFields provided full service turn-key Design and Construction Services to help create the Carrick Brain Center of Atlanta, a 11,500 SF Functional Neurology Care Center and Teaching Facility. Variable sizes of exam/treatment rooms facilitate the learning, as well as the vastly changing technology. The large multi-use conference room serves as lecture/teaching space. Flanking exam rooms have one-way-glass and audio/video transmission to students in the conference room.

Since functional neurology is a relatively new frontier, creating trust is vital to every aspect of the facility. The focus is the treatment of the body without drugs, so key inspiration came from nature. The large serene atmosphere and the expansive cocoa reception desk immediately fosters trust while the lit background of the white stone creates the refreshment of snow-covered mountains. Calming display of sky blues and water aquas in the faux leathers and suedes, is surrounded by trusting deep brown wood. Touches of icy silver, and art of clouds and water, float in a tranquil, soft-white backdrop. All designed without patterns to reduce sensory triggers in these patients.

Nature is further emphasized in accentuating the view of the trees surrounding this second story space. This is enjoyed by all as the main corridor through the space runs along the perimeter. The grand windows provide healing natural light and yet they are controllable, as brain disorder patients are typically sensitive to light, especial fluorescent. LED’s were used exclusively with a state-of-the-art Lutron controls system with daylight harvesting.

Another distinction is that the protocol consisted of a full week, with treatments at intervals throughout the days, thus patients “camp – out” for their week of care. The waiting and hospitality area is representative of a hotel lobby. Large round sofas and lounge chairs accentuate the architecture of the building, mixed with easy to move smaller chairs encourage groups to form.

The center has been open a couple of months and the goal of “community” is being experienced as the waiting room is filled with patients excited to share their miracle stories with the strangers – now friends.

The environment emulates hope, trust, peace, community, and successful restoration.


Interior Architectural Design, Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment, and Construction


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