Dr. Austin Cohen, D. C., was growing his practice and had the goal to open another office.  His target was a different part of the city, yet still near downtown Atlanta, with-in a community he felt would embrace his vision.

He started looking at Decatur, a revitalized city within the Atlanta perimeter. Decatur has lots of history and in its rejuvenation has developed its own unique culture that supported his philosophy of health and wellness.

As he found spaces, he called CrossFields, once again, to help evaluate.  After looking and evaluating a variety of properties, he found one that had strong possibility.  It was a small, stand alone building in a mixed use development near the town center of a community within Decatur known as Oakhurst.

Though the community embraces the same vision of health goals, it is a different demographic than his main office in mid-town Atlanta. He wanted to transfer his branding to this space while still identifying with the unique feel of the community.


We started by working with Dr. Cohen to verify that this office would fit and function within the available space. The design team worked to make minimal functional changes to the space, working with the existing conditions while providing the best flow. We then developed the Schematic Design direction that would be consistent with Dr. Cohen’s branding, while identifying with the surrounding community.  The plans and scope of work were documented and then priced.  This helped him validate purchasing the building.

The space was typical of the community, resembling an industrial warehouse with block walls, a metal roof with open structure exposed ceilings, concrete flooring and lots of windows in front.

Consistent with his main office, the Front Desk, Retail and Check-in were planned for up front and center on the glass entry doors. The Front Desk, designed functionally to match his main office, was clad in a raw grey wood laminate while the back wall was flanked by raw lumber pilasters.  This framed the desk and divided it visually from the offices on either side. Brick veneer was installed between the pilaster, giving the space an elegant yet reclaimed and re-purposed feel to match the demographics, while showcasing the “Branded” Corrective Chiropractic logo sign.

The Retail display and storage was designed to incorporate an existing curved wall. The retail included a glossy white laminate metropolitan designed storage with floating glass shelves to compliment the fresh community. The existing corrugated faux painted metal wall was painted dark charcoal to add contrast. The curved portion of the wall was selected to display abstract artwork by a local artist to further tie into local community.

The Waiting Area was planned opposite the Retail, and featured a key and conversational pendant light as a focal point, similar to the main office, giving the space an eclectic yet upscale feel. Behind the seating, a new wall was planned to divide the Reception from the Warm-Up area, and was anchored by a raw lumber column at one end, to tie in with the front desk.

The color scheme resembled the neutral pallet of the main office, but had a more industrial direction using warm grey with the white.  The Adjusting area is dramatically light and white, giving energy and freedom to the space, and allowing the healing nature of the outside environment inside.  The white hot-seat chairs fade into this white only accented by the blue cushioned seats.

The closed Exam/X-Ray room, ROF, Traction and Massage were given darker finishes to create more calm, with carpet to soften the acoustics. Lighting levels were varied to provide the appropriate atmospheres desired in each space.

Ultimately, the high quality branding of Corrective Chiropractic‘s main office was achieved while at the same embracing the more casual demographics of the community.


Full Service Interior Design: Includes Space Planning and Schematic Design; Complete Architecture, Interiors, and Engineering Design; Construction; Construction Administration; and Furnishings, Fixtures, Equipment and Art Specification Services.


“In 2009, I was in desperation mode and was fortunate to meet CrossFields. I met with Carolyn and she helped put together the perfect design and they were also able to build out the space. I knew at that moment that every office I ever did I would hire them.

Fast forward to 2016 and we have built an entirely new office inside Atlanta and had them design and build 2 more practices.

They provide value and have some of the best customer experience ever. Some people have told me they thought it was expensive but I look at this as an investment and want to portray an image of health. I would never go to a $10 chiropractor for an adjustment as I want the value and confidence in that practitioner to provide the value.

If you look at all of my practices you will see and feel something unique from most outdated chiropractic offices.

We run a very successful clinic with lots of clients and most say that it is one of the most beautiful clinics they have walked in to.”

– Dr. Austin Cohen, DC; Corrective Chiropractic


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