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Chiropractic Community Outreach Center – Life University


The Chiropractic Community Outreach Center brings high-quality Chiropractic care to the citizens of Cobb County who cannot afford regular care. It also serves as an opportunity for an internship program for Chiropractic students before they graduate. The space that had been occupied was in a building being sold, and since the Outreach Center had outgrown its current facility, they began to look for a new home. After much searching, a 3,200 square foot retail space was located that was available. It was very old, had been totally gutted, had very low ceiling structures and a front section that had once been an outdoor porch, but it was the size and the location that could prove beneficial to the mission of the Center.


The operation of the Outreach Center was to run as two complete Chiropractic practice group units, so they needed two equal spaces with a central receiving area. We created a floor plan that was mirrored from one side to the other, each having an Open Adjusting Bay for seven, two Exam Rooms, a Multi-Doctor Office and a Report of Findings room. The front entry, being a narrow old front porch, was laid out to provide an inviting waiting area utilizing the multiple windows. With a bank of attached seating, the constricted space was designed to allow an efficient flow of patients with a central front desk and easy access to each Chiropractic unit. The very low beam at 6’-10” high that divided the front porch from the building was used to create an architectural feature and a visual separation from the waiting to the open front desk. The low structure over spaces was designed with low profile lighting and perimeter soffits to handle the HVAC, allowing the maximum height in the waiting area and in the center for the Adjusting Bays.

The designs were simple with clean lines. The overall color palette used off-white walls to enhance the desired brightness  and accent colors to create a contrast and interest. The space was finished with artistic expressions of the human spine, adding awareness of the mission and a “wow” to the space.


Facility Planning, Architecture, Interiors, Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E), Project Scheduling, Bid Management and Design Administration.


“I would recommend CrossFields for any design/construction project you are working on. Their work creates both functional and aesthetically inviting and impactful spaces. They are not only great at what they do, they are personally passionate about Chiropractic health care and desire to help promote and grow the profession.” 

– Dr. Riekeman DC, President, Life University – Marietta, GA

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