This space had been the former location for the Public Clinic, and was now unoccupied. The existing space was comprised of small adjusting rooms, inadequate lighting, poor HVAC, and dated and drab finishes, none of which were in keeping with the University’s new teaching style and desired image. The new student clinic space was needed quickly, but the renovation window was small to minimize impact to the University’s academic schedule.


After extensive meetings with Life University’s staff and instructors, it was determined that a fully open adjusting environment for teaching, an updated lobby, complete with a separate areas for controlled files and student x-ray viewing lab were needed. Although the main adjustment area would now be open and create visibility, it was equally important to create design impact and appeal. This was accomplished by utilizing uniquely shaped and finished columns that were not only attractive, but were functional and cost effective in providing power to the open space. Along with suspended linear lighting, this defined the area as well as jointly creating a design impact statement. Indirect lighting was chosen because it improved light distribution and minimized glare. The result created a highly functional space, with minimal walls to build, and an open area that met the functional need, created impact, and improved temperature control. Furthermore, the short timeframe was achieved by specifying quick ship items and working closing with the contractors and suppliers.


Facility Planning, Project Scheduling, Architecture, Interiors, Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E), Design & Construction Management


“I want to recommend Scott and Carolyn Boldt and their company CrossFields as an excellent resource in providing a service that is a key to your success.

CrossFields has been a close friend of Life University since 2003. When I came in 2004, I knew that an important piece in the turnaround of the school was improving the facilities so they represented and supported our goal to become the best Chiropractic University. CrossFields has been a key player in our turn around. All across campus, they have been successful in creating functional spaces that get the most impact (“WOW”) out of our dollars.

I would recommend CrossFields for any design/construction project you are working on. Their work creates both functional and aesthetically inviting and impactful spaces. They are not only great at what they do, they are personally passionate about Chiropractic health

care and desire to help promote and grow the profession. They teach a class to our students here at Life about starting an office. In these classes, they state “the quality of your environment is a key to your success.” I can say it’s been a key to our success.

Thank you CrossFields for helping us drive our mission of Chiropractic Excellence!”

– Dr. Riekeman DC, President, Life University – Marietta, GA